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«Permtourist» company specialists worked out programmes of tours around the Perm region.

We afford our service to groups of tourists and to individual foreign tourists also.  

Nowadays there are 12 excursion tours lasting from 2 to 12 hours:

  • excursions around the city of Perm;
  • trip to Kungur – The Kungur Cave is one of the largest karst caves in the European part of Russia (length 5600 m, 60 lakes);
  • to the White Hill (Belogorsky) Saint-Nicolas monastery – the main cathedral of the Perm region, was built in Byzantine style in 1890. The holy place;
  • trip to Usolie – the main village of the family Stroganovs and Salt Industry Center of the 17th century;
  • trip to Solikamsk – salt capital of Russia, founded in 1430;
  • trip to Tcherdyn – one of the oldest cities in the Urals and included in the List of historical cities of Russia.
  • trip to Osa – the beautiful city of Perm region;
  • trip to «Ilyinskoye» village – the family estate of the Stroganovs;
  • «Khokhlovka» – Perm architectural-ethnographic museum-reserve in the open, included 19 monuments of wooden architecture of the Perm region late XVII – early XX centuries;
  • to «Perm-36 (GULAG) museum – Unique in Russia the museum of history of political repressions.
  • There is also a special activity – weekend trip «The Northern Star» – a 2-day trip to the old towns of Perm region: Usolie-Solikamsk-Tcherdyn.

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